Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Cooling tower cleaning and cooling tower inspection services from Energy Options will restore your system’s pipes to a like new condition on the inside. Regular plumbing pipes stay relatively clean on the inside because the water flow helps prevent build up of corrosive minerals and substances. The piping system in a cooling tower, though, often carry steam or mist particularly in a commercial evaporative cooling system. When the water evaporates it leaves behind any minerals or impurities that cannot convert to a gaseous state. These impurities settle to low points in your pipes or cling to the pipe walls in the form of a rocky build up. Basically, miniature stalactites, just like those found in caves, are forming in your pipes. This reduces your system’s efficiency in several ways. Water flow through the pipes is slowed, the thicker pipe walls do not exchange heat as well and this mineral build up can also corrode your pipes. The Energy Options crew can negate this process with a thorough cleaning call.

Commercial Evaporative Cooling Systems

Commercial evaporative cooling systems are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of mineral build up because they rely on the evaporation of water. Any impurities in your water supply will have nowhere to go except the pipe walls. Energy Options professionals are ready to assist you in keeping your facility operating at maximum efficiency with our meticulous cleaning services. We may also be able to help you reduce the build up of mineral deposits in the future as well.

Arrange for a cooling tower cleaning or a cooling tower maintenance quote today by contacting us electronically on our Contact Us page or by calling us directly at 562-408-2600. If you have seen a gradual decline in your cooling tower efficiency, a cleaning may be exactly what you need to repair and revitalize your operation.